Our Services

Our Services


Creating real expectations and meeting them is the key to the success of any company. This is why Veritas only focuses on those services that it has a proven record of success providing. With accomplished faculty at the head of their industries it is easy to work through the most critical decisions of any project.

We believe that questions should always be answered with multiple solutions and that quality decisions can only stem from quality information.

Our methods are simple. Each project begins and finishes with three essential promises: open and honest communication, clear documentation and thorough research. We believe that if all parties agree to operate under these conditions, project objectives will always be met.

At Veritas we have two levels of services: Consulting and Professional Management Services. Although these many times overlap with each other, each has been developed to comprise of an array of specialized services with clear products and objectives for our clients. From Consulting and Process Improvement to Owners Representation and full service Project Management, Veritas is equipped with the proper experience and tools to lead the team to success.