Project Management

Project Management (PM)

The Veritas Group provides all the services below in a consultative or management (PM) role. Depending on the needs of the client and the phase of the project these services and roles may be chosen for a tailored approached.

“The What” of Construction Owner’s Representation

A construction owner’s representative (COR) is an entity that is hired to represent and consult a client through the construction process. The involvement of this individual during the preconstruction and construction phases can vary depending on the needs of the client and the size or type of project. The typical role of a COR is to facilitate the construction process and ensure that industry standards are upheld by the project team. As liaison between the owner, designer and contractor, the COR will create a clear understanding of the roles and responsibility of each party. They will also assist the owner in defining the program and contractual terms that communicate project expectations and protect the client from unwarranted fees, delays and errors in craftsmanship.

“The When” of Construction Owner’s Representation

The earlier a COR is involved in the construction process, the better. A rule of thumb to understand with construction is that the later the issue arises in the construction process the more expensive it naturally and opportunistically can become. In other words, you can build the same building twice and depending on how issues are identified and managed, the price could vary drastically. Plainly, the best way to manage budget, schedule and quality is to be proactive rather than reactive.

“The Why” of Construction Owner’s Representation

It is simple; to save money, maintain quality and finish on time. The fact is that by hiring a representative who understands the construction industry and its processes you will typically experience a net savings well above the representatives fee. In cases where there are opportunity costs or losses in production this savings could be exponential, minimizing the fee further.

The easiest comparison is that of purchasing a car or going to the mechanic. If you could have someone on your side that could negotiate the best rates and prices, ensure you get a quality product and have it happen on your schedule not that of the dealer knowing that in the end you paid less as a total, wouldn’t hire them. Our job as a COR is to be that entity; an advisor, a liaison/buffer, and partner to get you through construction with the least amount of games and most amount of satisfaction.

“The Who” of Construction Owner’s Representation

The answer is Veritas Group. Here at Veritas we not only have the experience and knowledge, but the tradition of success. More importantly all the team members and consulting partners share two very important traits: they enjoy what they do and they want to pass that experience to their clients.